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A1 Vibrant Posy Bowl
A2 Beautiful Kete.
A3 Pretty In Pink
A4 Summertime
A5 Box of Love
min $65.00   lrg $100.00   min $55.00   min $70.00   min $80.00
max $95.00     max $80.00     max $100.00
A6 Rainbow Kete (choice kete or box)
A7 Mango Magic
A8 Gerbera Kete
A9 Orchid Stem Arrangement (a) box (b) ceramic container
A10 Winter Cheer (Florists choice of seasonal blooms)
min $50.00   min $65.00   min $35.00   (a) $30.00   min $40.00
max $80.00   max $90.00   max $50.00   (b) $40.00   max $65.00
*Photos are an indication only and flowers & wrap may vary slightly depending on availability