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A1 Vibrant Posy Bowl
A2 Beautiful Kete.
A3 Pretty In Pink
A4 Summertime (max shown)
A5 Box of Love
min $65.00   lrg $100.00   min $55.00   min $50.00   min $80.00
max $95.00     max $80.00   max $70.00   max $100.00
A6 Rainbow Kete (choice kete or box)
A7 Mango Magic (glass vase)
A8 Gerbera Kete
A9 Orchid Pot (a) box (b) ceramic container
A10 Box of Bright (Florist choice of bright blooms)
min $50.00   min $65.00   min $35.00   (a) $30.00   min $40.00
max $80.00   max $90.00   max $50.00   (b) $40.00   max $65.00
*Photos are an indication only and flowers & wrap may vary slightly depending on availability